Project Description

The Brief

Embrk was asked to design and print promotional material that would be used to inform students about the courses and culture at the LFC Foundation College at different schools abroad. The material would consist of 8 page A4 brochures, as well as A3 posters and timetables. The project would have to stick to the branding guidelines provided and needed to be delivered on short notice.

The Concept

The concept of the brochure was to advertise the college for students in Dubai hoping to study overseas in the UK. It was imperative that we stuck within the brand guidelines especially when the project is serving its purpose abroad. The brochure had to match the colour scheme and style of the club website in order to enhance the identity of the LFC Foundation. Visuals also served a great purpose as it offered students the pathway to working for one of the biggest football teams in the world, Liverpool FC. We worked very closely with LFC Foundation and produced a brochure they were proud of.

The Work

We portrayed the LFC Foundation through engaging design and imagery. A clean and sleek design was chosen in order to best display the content and encourage people to want to know more about the Foundation. All of our images and design features were created by our in-house designers here at Embrk in order to best showcase the product with a matching colour schemes to go alongside official Liverpool FC branding.

The Results

All of our work was designed to a high specification and produced on time. This was a project that us as a company could be proud of, but more importantly something that LFC Foundation could use to present their college in the best possible way. We continue to work closely with LFC Foundation and have established plans to work with them again in the near future.