Project Description

The Brief

We created a brand new website with a fresh bespoke system for DBS Corporate in order to improve their business and enhance their online visibility. We conducted thorough research into the brand and came up with a timescale and detailed site maps in order to construct a successful website which ultimately improve their client management.

The Concept

We begin each project with an in-depth consultation with our client in order to learn more about their business and establish a plan going forward on how to build a thriving website which achieves every one of their goals and more. Before going ahead with our work, we produce detailed site maps and mock up versions so the client is aware of what is happening every step of the way. Everything we did was in the best interest of DBS Corporate to flourish online.

The Work

Our experienced web designers and developers created a WordPress site with a bespoke design template and bespoke management system making it unique to DBS Corporate. All of our features are carefully tried and tested in order to meet the requirements of the client and enhance web navigation. The standout feature on the site is an inbuilt client management system which allows the client to track their customers through a host of useful tools and plugins to make their business easier to manage online.

The Results

By the end of the project we had created a thriving website which had met the requirements originally established in the consultation phase. This was a long-term programme which has been designed in the best interests of the business in line with their goals and values for the future. Embrk was pleased to lend its services and both parties can be pleased with the results.