Unlike many other web building tools, WordPress is an open source free from commercial limitations. WordPress allows you to have complete control over your site which makes it a huge benefit for any business owner.

Most content management systems are supported by various plugins which allow for videos, social media feeds and blog posts to be promoted on homepages and when building websites we believe it is imperative to have a balance between written and visual content and we take that into account with every site that we build, whether it be a wordpress system, magento or Squarespace.

Our Marketing Process

Reach customers where they spend most of their time

Marketing Channels


Embrk will optimise your site in order to get the best possible results to maximise your business potential, which in turn, will maximise your profits. All sites are structured to become SEO friendly on Google both from desktop and mobile devices.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an aspect of web building which continues to grow, develop and evolve. Therefore, we identify the latest Google algorithms and apply them to your site with up-to-date content marketing, backlinks and keyword research.

Ultimately, engaging content plays a huge role in a successful SEO presence and in order to rank highly it is imperative that your site content is engaging and shareable. This can be structured through detailed content plans which allows your pages to hit the desired market and rank highly on Google.

For instance, WordPress serves a great SEO presence and is the key to solving many of your search engine woes. Your new-look site can become globally accessible making your business branch out to parts of the world which could never have been reached in the past.

Social Media

Perhaps one of the biggest changes over the past decade has been in social media impact in today’s world, mobile access is exploding. We can make your company website thrive on social media with numerous techniques like Facebook advertising, promoted tweets and accounts, sponsored updates and an active Instagram presence.

Social Media allows your business to have a voice and Embark are dedicated to giving your brand an identity on numerous platforms allowing the public to like, comment, retweet and share your work.

It is also easy to keep track of your success on social media with a range of tools available on numerous CMS systems which allow plugins to be inserted which allow for you to keep track of your statistics, which ultimately allows you to determine whether your adverts have been a success. If not, your ads can either be removed or optimised accordingly in a matter of minutes.

For example, WordPress have been able to develop themes which make your site easy to manage, navigate and access social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram from your smartphone or tablet making accessible on both iOS and Android devices.

• Facebook Ads: A cost effective way to boost sales and increase your page visit and rankings to help generate a healthy SEO ranking. Facebook remains one of the most popular social media platforms and It is an opportunity to expose your brand. At Embrk we can take into account your key products and demographics through extensive research. This allows us to implement an effective social media strategy in order to reach your desired target audience.

• Promoted Tweets: We will develop a unique social media strategy on Twitter which will allow your tweets and account to be visible in multiple locations. This allows your brand to reach the timelines of those you are most likely to interest and engage with, which ultimately grows your brand identity. 

• Instagram: For businesses looking to target the mobile domain then Instagram is the social media platform to hit.Instagram has a lot of momentum with advertisers, and its revenue is increasing rapidly. The platform will allow you to advertise your business through the power of pictures and in essence, present an online portfolio. Your posts can also be integrated with Facebook and Twitter profiles to generate maximum exposure and reach. 

Pay Per Click

Embrk can implement this marketing method which drives traffic to your site for a fee through search engine results. This will allow your site to list at the top of search engine result pages like Google through relevant keyword research to bring traffic to your website on an agreed budget. This allows your site and business to build credibility and if done correctly, gain an advantage on your competitors.

PPC is a cost effective way of advertising when managed and optimised correctly. By searching for specific tailored search terms, your site can reach site visitors who have already expressed an interest in your services by searching for your specific keyword terms which is what makes Pay Per Click advertising so unique.

PPC success is not easy and that is why Embrk are here to help. With a strong strategy, vast knowledge of guidelines and bundles of creativity, our inhouse professionals are on hand to make your website thrive.

We have a team dedicated to safeguarding your site from common PPC mistakes with personnel who have the expertise to make your advertising campaign a success. It can be difficult to keep on top of market trends and maintain your campaigns effectively and that is what we specialise in.

It is a successful method which can be deployed in so many ways, through Google Adwords or through the powers of social media, like Facebook adverts. Whether you are a new upcoming business, new website or promoting a new product – Embrk can help with the correct PPC strategies to make it a success.

With over one million businesses using Google Adwords it is imperative that websites are ppc active in order to remain competitive in their market. Here are some of the advantages below:

• Speed: Unlike organic ads, PPC can be accessed and launched quickly in order to lead more traffic to your website. It is also faster and easier to monitor your progress with monthly summaries on Google Adwords which does all the number crunching you need. This allows you can focus on the more important aspects of running a business in order to manage your time more effectively.

• Reach: Expand your online visibility in order to become a leader in your industry.

• Targeted: Personalise your ads to display at specific times of the day and target specific regions to improve the quality of traffic and conversion rates.

• Cost: You only pay for PPC when your advert is clicked which makes it an easy way to manage costs, track sales and determine your return on investment (ROI). You can also tweak, add and pause your campaign at any time.

The PPC competition is fierce and if you are not there, your competitors most certainly will be. In many ways PPC is a no brainer for online websites new and old.

Content Marketing

Digital Marketing plays a pivotal role in online development today for businesses and at Embrk, content marketing is a vital part of the journey to marketing your site successfully. It is all about telling a story.

When people mention content marketing we think of blogs, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Today it is much more than that.

At Embrk we want to construct a strategic marketing plan designed to create and distribute relevant and engaging content to a specific target audience in order to enhance sales.

There are a variety of ways to showcase content marketing and in most cases it can prove to be a valuable long term strategy.

Anyone can use content marketing to their advantage and Embrk is here to put you on the right track. Nowadays, customers have an increased brand awareness and brand preference which is driven by the influence from social media which is making content marketing more difficult to crack without help from the professionals.

At Embrk, we will help establish and implement an effective content marketing strategy built on a firm understanding and knowledge of your business in order to stay true to your brand and its values.

The basis of a successful content management strategy is keeping your website fresh and up-to-date. A website is often a customer’s first impression of a business and a stale and dated site has a detrimental effect on sales. A strong website and engaging content may be the difference between generating a sale or losing a customer to a rival.

In the long run, it is an effective low-cost method to driving traffic to your site, especially for small new businesses in a competitive market.

To help provide a successful content marketing plan, our Embrk copywriters will help create engaging headlines, blogs and page content that people will value and share with networks which helps people know, like and trust your brand. Our content marketing strategies can cover a range of platforms:

• Commercial: This is a growing aspect with the influence of Facebook videos growing alongside the more traditional YouTube marketing methods. This is an opportunity to expose your brand in a creative way to larger and active audiences. 

• Infographics: Bundle valuable information and statistics in a fun but concise manner. Tell your story in numbers and images. 

• Social Media: Establish effective social media campaigns with thorough research of the platform with content provided in the right context to be deemed useful and successful.

• Article posts: Provide engaging content with new pages,re-written pages and shareable blog posts which can cross promote other sections of your website and content. 

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