We work with a diverse group of industries that each have unique requirements and design specifications and as such, the way in which we approach each project is different.

The end user is at the heart of each step and we ensure that the best possible product is delivered for both the client and the end user, to secure success for the website in the future – This is why the consultation process is so important.

As well as conducting our own thorough research, we setup the consultation in order to learn more about the client and establish that first point of contact with their business.

Our Development Process

Feature rich websites & applications

Content Management System Options


This is the world’s most popular publishing platform and it has been used by web designers and developers because of its simplicity and ease of use.

Over 70 million websites worldwide are powered by WordPress and it is one of the easiest platforms to setup, manage and update which makes it the perfect system for any website wishing to expand and develop further.

As your company begins to grow, WordPress has the tools to allow for further customisation and ability to migrate into a host account to ensure that your website is able to grow in line with your business.

WordPress originally started as a blogging system, but it has evolved into the huge content management system which we have become familiar with today.

It is an extremely flexible platform with thousands of plugins to meet your business needs. Despite being over ten years old, WordPress continues to be enhanced, refined and tested to remain top of the CMS systems, making it a reliable and successful web publishing system.

  • Straightforward installation

  • Simple user interface

  • Variety of themes and plugins to incorporate

  • Built in media library

  • Mobile suitability for iOS and Android devices


This is another extremely popular and effective platform with numerous benefits and features to help make your website evolve. Magento is the perfect ecommerce orientated system and incorporates a business structure orientated towards selling products online. Whether it be the Magento Community Edition (CE) or Magento Enterprise Edition (EE), your site can be adapted with powerful customisation features on a flexible platform which can be altered to meet the requirements of any individual business website depending on the client budget and ambition.

The CE version is free and offers good flexibility, bespoke development and extensions and it a perfect starting point for a newly established business or website. Moreover, the Enterprise Edition requires an annual license fee but includes all Community Edition features plus extra enhancements and features that larger businesses may need.

Embrk can create a customised template, which involves altering an already existing Magento site, or a bespoke template which provides you with a completely new interface, design and template.

• Catalogue browsing – Allows you to arrange your site with category options which helps make your site easy to navigate to result in enhanced performance and customer satisfaction. For example, A promotional pricing category can be added to highlight any offers your business may have available. 

• Product search – A quick search and advance search navigation tool can be incorporated to allow your customers to find what they need with relative ease and speed. 

• Marketing & conversion tools – To allow your business to keep track of sales on the site and keep a record of the figures, such as web traffic and conversion from your site. 

• Customer accounts – Allow your customers to create an account on your site in order to personalise their experience and encourage repeat business. Features such as, wish lists, order tracking and customer reviews can be incorporated to the web interface. 

• Versatility – All Magento sites are compatible on any iOS device and Android which makes your site more accessible and flexible. 

• Security – CAPTCHA functionality to prevent automated software from attempting fake logins with secure payment gateways.


An all-in-one solution to creating a successful website with structured domains, ecommerce and hosting functions with strong analytical and support functions powered by cloud tools like Dropbox and Amazon web services to rival the likes of WordPress, Godaddy and Magento.

Squarespace provides flexible templates for small, medium and large scale businesses. Its latest version (Version 7) introduces new state-of-the-art features like Cover Page Builder, Google Apps and Getty Images.

This system also allows for content to be edited live without switching from site manager and preview mode. Squarespace is one of the most versatile options available and is the perfect option in order to serve blogs, portfolio sites and online stores which continues to grow year-on-year with millions of users worldwide.

• Customisation: Drag & Drop images, add or remove sections of a page quickly and effectively and customise settings such as; fonts, colours and configurations. 

• Versatility: Add a portfolio to present your work and past achievements, a store to showcase your products or a blog to share your ideas.

• Responsive: Functional templates that are compatible on all devices meaning that only one design has to be made which improves speed and results. Accelerated Mobile Pages from Google also allow for fast loading times on mobile devices.

• Unique domains: Generate a domain to give your site credibility, strengthen your brand and make your page easier to find.

• Hosting: Individuals and businesses cannot host their own Squarespace sites.

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