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Top WordPress 4.7 features that you should be using

Top WordPress 4.7 features that you should be using

Four months after the last release, WordPress is back with version 4.7 to make your site bigger and better with plenty of improvements, bug fixes and exciting features.


It has never been easier to start your own WordPress site and with new themes and layouts you can have your own site live in minutes, whether you are after a business, portfolio or blogging format – WordPress is the one for you and its latest release has some great features to use.


Let’s take a look at some of the new features which you should be using on your WordPress site!


Twenty Seventeen: This is the new default theme in WordPress 4.7 built with large images making it perfect for both small and large businesses with its sleek and modern design. Twenty Seventeen makes it easier to setup your site exactly how you want it. Users can also preview starter content allowing them to visualise what their site could look like with that particular theme.


The theme includes multiple sections on the front page, grid layout format, custom colour schemes and different headline placements. Like all default themes, it’s easily customizable for users and developers and allows for video headers, which takes us on nicely to our next feature!


Video Headers: Another feature provided by WordPress 4.7 is the ability to install video headers into your site. This is very much a modern feature which we are seeing more of across the web design spectrum and WordPress have made video headers available to many of it free and default themes, including Twenty Seventeen. Video headers are quick and easy to integrate through the customiser, allowing users to add their own video in mp4 format or a YouTube video. This helps give your site great visual appeal and creates a great first impression for anyone visiting your WordPress site.  Video headers play automatically, loop by default, and don’t have sound.


Live Previews: WordPress 4.7 users can now add custom CSS directly to their site which allows you to preview the changes before publishing. This can all be done live and will almost certainly mean you will no longer have to use a custom CSS plugin again and cut-back on child themes and developer tools.


Point & click editing shortcuts make it fast and simple to make quick changes to your site and you can preview the changes live as you work and build. Visible icons appear to show you which parts can be customized straight away. Click on a shortcut with no decoding of widget area names needed to allow for even faster customisation than ever before. Browse your site and switch themes more seamlessly within the customizer, as your changes automatically persist in the background


Rest API Content Endpoints: This is an exciting feature for the developers! In WordPress 4.7 the Rest API allows you to access your site’s data through an easy-to-use HTTP Rest API, meaning you can create, retrieve, update or delete WordPress site data as easy as sending a HTTP request.


WordPress now provides machine-readable external access to your site with a clean interface, allowing for new innovative methods of interacting with your site.  It is now possible to access and manipulate a WordPress site’s resources remotely improves the extensibility of your site and now provides methods to both add and additional fields and endpoints to the API.


An example of how this works is that when you were to publish a post on one of your site pages you would receive a response from the server indicating that your post was successfully published.


PDF Support: It is now easier to preview PDFs in the media library with WordPress 4.7 and this is a new feature which helps everyone.  The preview images generated are used within the Media screen, Gallery, Attachment Details, and on the Attachment page for PDFs. The sizes generated can be modified in the click of a button, or the feature disabled entirely depending on your personal preference.


It is so much simpler to navigate through your image files as opposed to the previous WordPress 4.6 which only allowed images to be viewed as the default file icon meaning users had to use different plugins for thumbnail previews.


To conclude, WordPress 4.7 is the most exciting update to have landed and we recommend anyone with a wordpress site to download the latest version and get to grips with all of its savvy features which are changing the face of web design!


The enhanced customisation features are a particular highlight for any WordPress user and it has never been easier to make changes – all of which can be done live. Get started on WordPress 4.7 today and take a look into the new world for WordPress for designers, developers and content writers.


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