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Square Space

Squarespace provides flexible templates for small, medium and large scale businesses. Its latest version (Version 7) introduces new state-of-the-art features like Cover Page Builder, Google Apps and Getty Images.


This system also allows for content to be edited live without switching from site manager and preview mode. Squarespace is one of the most versatile options available and is the perfect option in order to serve blogs, portfolio sites and online stores which continues to grow year-on-year with millions of users worldwide.


  • Customisation: Drag & Drop images, add or remove sections of a page quickly and effectively and customise settings such as; fonts, colours and configurations.
  • Versatility: Add a portfolio to present your work and past achievements, a store to showcase your products or a blog to share your ideas.
  • Responsive: Functional templates that are compatible on all devices meaning that only one design has to be made which improves speed and results. Accelerated Mobile Pages from Google also allow for fast loading times on mobile devices.
  • Unique domains: Generate a domain to give your site credibility, strengthen your brand and make your page easier to find.
  • Hosting: Individuals and businesses cannot host their own Squarespace sites.