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Pay Per Click (PPC)

Embrk can implement this marketing method which drives traffic to your site for a fee through search engine results. This will allow your site to list at the top of search engine result pages like Google through relevant keyword research to bring traffic to your website on an agreed budget. This allows your site and business to build credibility and if done correctly, gain an advantage on your competitors.


PPC is a cost effective way of advertising when managed and optimised correctly. By searching for specific tailored search terms, your site can reach site visitors who have already expressed an interest in your services by searching for your specific keyword terms which is what makes Pay Per Click advertising so unique.


PPC success is not easy and that is why Embrk are here to help. With a strong strategy, vast knowledge of guidelines and bundles of creativity, our inhouse professionals are on hand to make your website thrive.


We have a team dedicated to safeguarding your site from common PPC mistakes with personnel who have the expertise to make your advertising campaign a success. It can be difficult to keep on top of market trends and maintain your campaigns effectively and that is what we specialise in.


It is a successful method which can be deployed in so many ways, through Google Adwords or through the powers of social media, like Facebook adverts. Whether you are a new upcoming business, new website or promoting a new product – Embrk can help with the correct PPC strategies to make it a success.

With over one million businesses using Google Adwords it is imperative that websites are ppc active in order to remain competitive in their market. Here are some of the advantages below:


  • Speed: Unlike organic ads, PPC can be accessed and launched quickly in order to lead more traffic to your website. It is also faster and easier to monitor your progress with monthly summaries on Google Adwords which does all the number crunching you need. This allows you can focus on the more important aspects of running a business in order to manage your time more effectively.
  • Reach: Expand your online visibility in order to become a leader in your industry.
  • Targeted: Personalise your ads to display at specific times of the day and target specific regions to improve the quality of traffic and conversion rates.
  • Cost: You only pay for PPC when your advert is clicked which makes it an easy way to manage costs, track sales and determine your return on investment (ROI). You can also tweak, add and pause your campaign at any time.

The PPC competition is fierce and if you are not there, your competitors most certainly will be. In many ways PPC is a no brainer for online websites new and old. Get started today and see how Embrk can help your business grow.