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Social Media Marketing

Drive Visits & Conversions


Perhaps one of the biggest changes over the past decade has been in social media impact in today’s world, mobile access is exploding. We can make your company website thrive on social media with numerous techniques like Facebook advertising, promoted tweets and accounts, sponsored updates and an active Instagram presence.

A healthy social media profile makes it easier for customers to connect with you and helps build relations and trust. It will also provide an organic boost in web traffic and rankings, directing people to your site and sharing your work faster and easier.


Social Media allows your business to have a voice and Embrk are dedicated to giving your brand an identity on numerous platforms allowing the public to like, comment, retweet and share your work.


Social media is happening here and now. Through the services of Embrk we can help your business reap the rewards of having an active social media presence. Through active engagement your business can gather valuable customer data in order to make smart decisons.


Keep Track & Improve Performance


It is also easy to keep track of your success on social media with a range of tools available on numerous CMS systems which allow plugins to be inserted which allow for you to keep track of your statistics, which ultimately allows you to determine whether your adverts have been a success. If not, your ads can either be removed or optimised accordingly in a matter of minutes.


For example, WordPress have been able to develop themes which make your site easy to manage, navigate and access social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram from your smartphone or tablet making accessible on both iOS and Android devices.


  • Facebook Ads: A cost effective way to boost sales and increase your page visit and rankings to help generate a healthy SEO ranking. Facebook remains one of the most popular social media platforms and It is an opportunity to expose your brand. At Embrk we can take into account your key products and demographics through extensive research. This allows us to implement an effective social media strategy in order to reach your desired target audience.
  • Promoted Tweets: We will develop a unique social media strategy on Twitter which will allow your tweets and account to be visible in multiple locations. This allows your brand to reach the timelines of those you are most likely to interest and engage with, which ultimately grows your brand identity.
  • Instagram: For businesses looking to target the mobile domain then Instagram is the social media platform to hit.Instagram has a lot of momentum with advertisers, and its revenue is increasing rapidly. The platform will allow you to advertise your business through the power of pictures and in essence, present an online portfolio. Your posts can also be integrated with Facebook and Twitter profiles to generate maximum exposure and reach.