About us - embrk

About us

At embrk we aim to create long lasting partnerships with our clients & guide them on their journey to success.

Our team


Embrk are a team of highly skilled developers, designers and digital marketeers to help take your website to the next level. Our experienced staff work out the best and most cost effective solutions by taking the time to understand your brand, customers and values.


Business success


Together at Embrk we can help bring your business website to life and give your brand the identity and exposure required to boost profits and beat your competitors through innovative design, development and digital marketing. We have successfully transformed several ecommerce projects into thriving business websites generating over £2 million sales each year.


Who we work with


We deal with small, medium and large businesses across the UK and treat each and every project with fresh ideas and designs to best suit your needs to coincide with your business model. Whether you are an established ecommerce brand or a new upcoming business we have years of experience to help drive your brand across numerous platforms.


Data driven


We conduct in-depth research and analysis of current trends and essential features to make your business our next success story. The client plays a central role in every decision we make and that is what makes us so successful. Aside from building ground-breaking websites we establish personal relationships with each and every client we work alongside.


Beautiful future proof design & development


We create websites and web apps which combine beauty and usability to build a thriving product. We create mobile apps and mobile websites which work seamlessly across an ever increasing number of devices and run original digital marketing campaigns and social media marketing.